4th district fundraising depends on how you count

Washington -Republican Steve Obsitnik’s campaign is bragging it raised more money than rival  Rep. Jim Himes in the last quarter – but the numbers tell a slightly different story.

“Steve Obsitnik’s successful fundraising quarter is proof positive that voters are tired of Congressman Himes partisan hypocrisy,” Obsitnik campaign spokeswoman Amanda Bergen said in a statement.

In truth, Himes, who represents the 4th District, continues to outpace Obsitnik, as far as political cash goes.

The latest reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show that, while Obsitnik raised $669,738 in the three months ending Sept. 30, $200,000 of that money came out of his own pocket as a loan to his campaign.

Himes raised $529,965, all from individuals and political action committees, in that same period of time.

But Bergen argues if you subtract the PAC money both received in the last quarter- which would be nearly $38,000 from Obsitnik and about $189,000 from Himes —  Obsitnik would edge past Himes.

Even so, Himes has raised $2.8 million to keep his seat and ended the quarter with about $1.6 million in cash on hand.

Obsitnik has raised $1.5 million, about $333,000 out of his own pocket, and ends the quarter with $502,000 in cash on hand.

While Obsitnik raised less than Himes, his fundraising is impressive. According to the FEC, the average challenger raised only about $381,000 in 2010.