Rep. John Larson, D-1st District was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s featured guest at a press conference aimed at tough talk about congressional negotiations over the “fiscal cliff.”
In that press conference, Pelosi urged her Republican rival, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, to bring up legislation next week that would extend a series of tax cuts for everyone – except the rich – something Boehner isn’t likely to do.

Pelosi also announced Larson’s new job as chairman of a task force on election reform.

“How we do our politics has much to do with what we do in Congress,” Pelosi said.

Larson is leaving the Democratic leadership because he was term-limited in his job as head of the Democratic caucus.

Pelosi said Larson is a great candidate to head House Democratic efforts for campaign finance reform because “he’s a person who commands the respect of our colleagues.”

Larson said “it’s clear (campaign finance reform) is long overdue.”

“We must limit the amount of money that has overpowered the process,” he said.

He also said he hopes to introduce campaign finance reform legislation early next year.

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