By: Georgia Lobb

Last night, the wind speeds nearing 40 miles per hour had my house swaying from side to side like it was a hand built log cabin. In the middle of the night, I heard a crash from the bathroom. The vibrations from the wind had caused our (poorly installed) shower rod to wiggle away from its place in-between the walls and fall to the floor.

My Twitter feed was blowing up with notices of power outages, scared beach residents, school closings.

A friend tweeted: “This wind is horrifying & needs to end… Sandy has officially created some serious paranoia– not happy to be at Fairfield beach right now!”

Fairfield Public Schools wrote on their website this morning: “AHS and Central Office are currently closed due to power outage. There is a roof leak @ Fairfield Ludlowe High School.”

The Ridgefield Press tweeted that their public school busses were having issues driving their usual routes, and that they needed to take detours.

But then I stepped outside this morning to let my dog out, and I was utterly surprised by the mildness of what surrounded me. Though the waves were bigger than usual, the wind seemed to have subsided and the temperature was pleasant.

Photo by: Georgia Lobb

Am I just becoming acclimatized to this horrific weather, or is Mother Nature playing tricks?

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