Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Monday that he supports giving illegal immigrants the ability to get a driver’s license.

“I want every driver in the state of Connecticut to prove that they are a safe driver, regardless of where they came from. You are visiting from Australia for an extended amount of time, you should get a license,” Malloy told reporters at the state Capitol. “Why even ask where someone is coming from? I don’t feel obligated to do that… What difference does it make? I want safe drivers.”

Malloy’s comments come as House Speaker J. Brendan Sharkey and Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney rally in support of allowing illegal immigrants to get a license or permit.

With thousands of undocumented immigrants currently living in the state, the bills that would have provided the path to getting them a license failed to be voted out of the legislature’s Transportation Committee before its deadline.

However, with the initiative enjoying the support of the speaker of the house, senate majority leader and governor, the proposal is could still become law.

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