Legislative researchers Wednesday night released a town-by-town breakdown of how much municipal aid each city and town is expected to receive in the adopted state budget.

Almost every town saw at least a minor increase in their state aid, but some were flat funded, reports the legislature’s non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis. 

In total, municipal aid increased by $55.5 million, bringing total town and city aid to $2.5 billion.

See here for a town-by-town breakdown in funding for the Education Cost Sharing grant, the largest municipal grant that helps districts operate local school districts.

See here for a rundown of all other state grants.

Just want the bottom line? Here’s a town-by-town breakdown of total state aid.

“This session was a successful one for local governments — the new state budget continues to be a clear win for towns and cities and their local property taxpayers,” said Jim Finley, the executive director of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.

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