Gregory Gray, the new president of the state’s largest college system, has 23 goals.

The president of the Board of Regents for Higher Education — which oversees the state’s dozen community colleges, four universities and online college — on Tuesday informed regents that he has compiled a list of the items he intends to accomplish this year.

The list of mostly broadly-stated goals include filing top-level administrative vacancies, advocating on behalf of the institution, increasing student retention, establishing an annual evaluation for presidents at each of the 16 campuses, and limiting tuition increases.

“It’s a plan for a plan,” he said during a meeting in Hartford.

Last month the regents heard about ideas that Gray is considering to move the system forward, including requiring some students to take online courses and creating “middle colleges” for students not quite ready for college, though no specifics were given.

Gray said he hopes to have a plan to move the 100,000-student system forward before the end of the calendar year. The system has been struggling to recover from declining enrollment, fiscal challenges prompted by cuts in state funding and some controversies that hit the system under Gray’s predecessor.

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