Where UConn students come from…

Even with more freshman students than ever enrolling at the University of Connecticut this fall, the ratio of students coming from out-of-state has hardly budged.

This fall, 32 percent of the freshman class are from other states and countries. Ten years ago, 29 percent of the students at the state’s flagship were from out-of-state. (See chart here)

Translation: While freshman enrollment may have surged this school year, the recent increase wasn’t from a disproportionate influx of out-of-state students. Over the last 20 years, however, the ratio of out-of-state students has noticeably increased. For example, in 1993, one in five freshman at UConn were from out-of-state compared with one-in-three this school year. 

UConn officials this year promised state legislators that as they spend $1.6 billion to build new dorms and labs to accommodate a dramatic increase in enrollment in science, technology and engineering field, the new students will mostly be from Connecticut. 

But where are those UConn students who didn’t grow up here from?

Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York are the top referring states. China and South Korea are the top referring countries. Almost all the growth in the number of foreign students attending UConn over the last five years is attributed to more Chinese students enrolling. (Read the state-by-state and country-by-country breakdowns here.)

UConn enrollment history

State/Nation breakdown of where students are coming from