The Newtown effect
This week, in a half-dozen stories, a video and one particularly striking graphic, we tried to assess how Connecticut has absorbed and responded to the terrible event of a year ago.
We talked with mental health experts to see if we’re changing how we approach mental illness.

We spoke with school personnel to determine if we’ve made our schools safer.
We looked at records to learn how successfully we followed through with changing laws and policies after earlier tragedies.
We wrote about how people gathered at the nation’s capital, aiming to make Newtown something that, in the long run, must matter.
And we talked with the governor, who shows, far more than he tells, the profound effect Newtown has had on him.
And the coda of our attempts to gauge, as best we could, the intersection of policy and atrocity was a small story by Jacqueline Rabe Thomas called “26 Acts of Kindness, one year later.” (It’s not too late to perform one.)

Here’s your chance…

We’re beginning the countdown to the 2014 legislative session, which convenes Feb. 5. 
We want to give you a chance to tell lawmakers and other policymakers what you expect from them in 2014 — What are the most important issues for you, your family, your business?  What should they do, or not do?  If you’re worried about your taxes going up, well – where should they make cuts? What programs should or shouldn’t be funded?
If there’s something you particularly approve of, here’s your chance (besides the ballot box) to let them know.
The Mirror will publish as many of your comments as we can, on our website and/or in an e-book in our virtual bookstore.
Please send – directly to me — your ideas, wishes and suggestions to lawmakers. Please be brief (under 500 words) and include your name, town, and a way to get in touch with you if we have questions.  Send to:

I look forward to hearing from you.


In addition to the Newtown stories, here are a few others of special interest this week:
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1,853 more Hartford students to attend integrated schools

Rocky flight: Sikorsky, other helicopter makers worry about future

Aetna sued over disclosure of political contributions
For the full week’s report, go to

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