Jenifer Frank

Jenifer, whose work as a writer and editor has won numerous awards, became editor of The Mirror in November 2011. Previously, she was an editor for The Hartford Courant, where she served as news editor, politics editor and, for five years, editor of Northeast, the paper’s Sunday magazine. She has also been an editor at The Day, in New London. She co-authored “Complicity” (Ballantine/Random House), a history book that explored the North’s involvement in slavery. A New York native, she grew up in Stamford and graduated from Trinity College.

Recent Posts

Op-ed: Is urban parking the symptom or the disease?

A recent set of studies from the University of Connecticut aptly describes the ills of urban parking and how it affects the landscape of downtown Hartford. Surface parking now covers 22 percent of the land in downtown Hartford, and “entire blocks have been turned from human-scale building fronts to expansive surface lots.” Why does Hartford have so much urban parking? Is urban parking the symptom or the disease? The recent Metro Hartford Progress Points report gives us a holistic view of Greater Hartford – how we work, live and learn as a region – a view we need in order to understand the root causes of issues like urban parking. Continue Reading →

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Op-ed: More mental health nonsense

It’s not surprising that a former member of the pharmaceutical-supported National Alliance on Mental Illness would provide inaccurate information about what is, and is not, mental illness. Continue Reading →

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