Feb. 23 -- March 1, 2014
Feb. 23 — March 1, 2014 The CT Mirror

At the end of 2013, we asked readers to submit suggestions about the issues lawmakers and policymakers should take up this year —  the perfect time to give them an earful.  In addition to a three-month session of the General Assembly (which started several weeks ago), state officeholders, from the governor on down, are up for re-election in November. So are Connecticut’s five U.S. House members.

We received dozens of responses, most very thoughtful, some a bit more of a venting of frustration. We’re delighted with the reactions, and we plan to publish an e-book – an online compilation – in the near future.

Meanwhile, we’ve started to publish the submissions – as well as publishing the op-ed pieces we receive regularly.  Every day, we’re posting one or two of the submissions at the top of the right rail on our homepage. They can also be found by clicking the last subject — on the far right — of our horizontal list of content categories, just below the CT Mirror logo.

What are the most important issues for you, your family, your business? Or maybe you want to react to something you find on our website. Let us know.

How do you submit? Send the following to me at jfrank@ctmirror.org:

– A well-written piece, 500 words or less.
– In the interest of full-disclosure, please include your full name, professional association, town and credentials. (For instance: Dr. Janice Robbins is the CEO for Connecticut Educational Interests, a nonprofit advocacy organization located in Anytown, Connecticut.)
– Please include a headshot and any other associated art/photos/graphs that may complement your piece. We will accept either a jpg or png file.
– If your piece includes links, please include in your writing, but also include at the bottom of your submission in case there are any issues in the e-mail transfer.
– And, a contact phone number.

The 2014 session of the legislature is just getting started, and the maneuvering and politicking on the way to Nov. 4, Election Day is well under way. Take part in the discussion!

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Enjoy your weekend…

Jenifer Frank
Mirror Editor

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