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Posted inEducation

UConn, state employees’ union pact (redux), and a good idea from NY

Seven current or former UConn students this week said the university failed to protect them from sexual assault and, after learning about it, acted inappropriately or insufficiently. Celebrity civil rights attorney Gloria Allred is representing the women, who filed a Title IX complaint with the civil rights office of the U.S. Department of Education.

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Shutdown, Learning to read, UConn Health Center and Newtown

My Canadian cousin called last weekend just after the debt ceiling crisis had shoved the shutdown crisis out of the spotlight. “Who is running your country?” he asked. Who knew? This partisan brawl was unrecognizable to me, a bizarre event in some unknown country. Even when the U.S. Supreme Court anointed George W. Bush in 2000, it was my country going through an odd paroxysm.

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Pete Gioia, Jim Himes, Peter Wolfgang, and a week of shutdown fallout & warnings

I’m betting that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t really get the debt ceiling.  Then I read Mirror reporter Ana Radelat’s timely profile of Rep. Jim Himes, Connecticut’s 4th District congressman. A former Goldman Sachs vice president, Himes does understand the debt ceiling, and because of that, is far more nervous than I’d been […]

Posted inHealth

A tool for healthy lives

An excellent story on the state’s nonprofit health website C-HIT.org (Connecticut Health Investigative Team) on the Community Health Index, a way to measure an area’s health. Writer Magaly Olivero says the nonprofit Connecticut Association of Directors of Health developed the index “to measure seven ‘social determinants’ – economic security, employment, housing, education, community safety, civic […]

Posted inHealth

A new call to study cellphone radiation

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report today, according to Washington Post tech blogger Hayley Tsukayama, that says cellphone exposure limits should be reassessed. The blogger writes, “While the report did not suggest that cellphone use causes cancer, the agency did say that FCC’s current energy exposure limit for mobile phones, established in 1996, […]

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Courant story says Donovan staff lawyer gave inside information to campaign head

A story in Saturday’s Hartford Courant says that Laura Jordan, House Speaker Christopher Donovan’s staff lawyer, gave information about roll-year-own cigarette legislation to Joshua Nassi, Donovan’s former campaign manager. Nassi was one of three campaign staff members fired by Donovan in May when the scandal involving campaign donations tied to legislation first broke. That was […]

Posted inHealth

Connecticut Navy veteran fights denial of VA medical care … and wins, with others’ help

If you missed it, C-HIT.org — the investigative health news site — posted a story last week about a Connecticut veteran who couldn’t get medical care at a veterans hospital because he had an “other than honorable” discharge. With help from a variety of sources, Stephen Norko, who now lives in veterans housing in Bridgeport, […]