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The real impact of outsourcing

The first line of this Steven Pearlstein column in the July 1 Washington Post caught my eye because of my interest in New England (especially 19th century) history: “The battle has been going on since at least the 1880s, when the first New England textile mills began moving production to the Carolinas.” Pearlstein, the 2008 […]

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Mickey Mouse loves his vegetables

First Michelle Obama. Then New York’s Mayor Bloomberg.  Now Disney is pushing more healthful eating, according to the Financial Times. Will we see Lady and the Tramp spooning over quinoa, rather than spaghetti? Disney chief executive Michael Iger is quoted, “We’ve taken steps across our company to support better choices for families, and now we’re […]

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Defense and the environment: There’s no contradiction here

Global environmental writer and former New York Times reporter Andrew C. Revkin writes a blog for the newspaper, Dot Earth. Revkin’s covered many of the earth’s environmental hot spots over the years — Amazon rainforests, the transformation of the Arctic, Katrina, etc. — and so he’s worth reading. Wednesday’s blog, however, is Defense Secretary Leon […]

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Lieberman, McCain & Lindsay Graham on staying the course in Afghanistan

Three members of the Senate Armed Services Committee say it’s in the country’s best security interests to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The three argue on the opinion page of The Washington Post: “Significant military progress has been made in Afghanistan — progress that we have personally witnessed over repeated visits. Four years ago, southern […]

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A Different Kind of March Madness

A Different Kind of March Madness Brian Hallenbeck, The Day’s longtime casinos’ reporter, writes today, “Those who advocate for problem gamblers knew what they were doing when they scheduled the annual week devoted to educating the public about the warning signs of problem gambling. They placed it right before this week’s start of the NCAA […]