Are you a businesswoman?  A doctor?  A mayor, plumber, teacher, storeowner, college president or student?  Maybe you’re even a state legislator.

If you live and/or work in Connecticut — The Mirror wants to hear from you.

We’re publishing a special online publication in January, and we want to include as many comments, suggestions and complaints as possible. Even a tirade is welcome as long as it’s well-stated and reasonably polite.

Two reasons why we’re asking now: Connecticut’s legislature reconvenes Feb. 5 for a three-month session that focuses on the budget.  And, next year will be a governor’s race. Democrat Dannel Malloy is expected to seek a second term, and a handful of Republicans are in the mix to oppose him.

Here’s a chance to sound off.  What’s important to you, your family, your business?  If you want lower taxes, where should the state look to raise money?  Where do we spend too much money? How’re we doing in education, the environment? Is our business climate improving? What about our transportation system? 

What do you love about your life here, and what would you change in a heartbeat?

A note to legislators: What will your priorities be?  Where will you focus your attention? Please let us know.

Send me an email – but do it before Jan. 3, keep it under 500 words, include your name, professional association, if applicable, town and phone.

Also, please include a headshot and any other associated art/photos/graphs that may complement your piece. We will accept either a jpg or png file. If your piece includes links, please include in your writing, but also put at the bottom of your submission.

And send to me:

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Have a great weekend, and a safe and happy holiday season — from all of us at The Mirror

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