Flying Ice

Thirteen years ago, Rep. Larry Cafero started trying to get a law passed that would fine drivers who failed to clean ice and snow from their roofs, thus creating a potential hazard for anything in their wake.
When, in 2001, the Norwalk Republican, and House minority leader, first proposed the measure aimed at grounding the flying ice missiles, “It was almost like a joke,” Cafero told our reporter, Keith Phaneuf. “People laughed.” (Click here for the story and a photo of a car with an ice-smashed windshield on I-95.)
Finally, in 2010, lawmakers approved penalties on car drivers who didn’t clean off their vehicles’ roofs, but they gave the truck industry three years to get ready before the law applied to them (those bearers of particularly large and dangerous sheets of ice). So starting Wednesday, Jan. 1, the law was in effect for all of us – in time for the storm that hit this week.  
There are hazards everywhere, ice missiles and too many other things ready to strike as we blithely go about our days. It’s a new year, and who knows – who really wants to know — what calamities loom?     
What’s definitely on the horizon this year are a legislative session (starting Feb. 5), and a governor’s and legislative elections. These will in large part address many of the bigger questions – quality of life, economic challenges, improving the state of this state of ours.
But first things first: We have a winter to get through. Representative Cafero, thanks for helping to rid it of one very tangible hazard.
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Thanks to all who sent in their opinions, hopes and suggestions to lawmakers and other policymakers for The Mirror’s e-book, “2014: Looking Ahead – Your View.”  We’ll let you know a publication date soon.
And to everyone … A Happy New Year from all of us at The Connecticut Mirror.
Jenifer Frank

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