Washington – The House Majority PAC, a Democratic political superfund, announced its last- minute election ad buys on Thursday, and Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-5th District, a top beneficiary in the past, was not on the list this time.

Last month, the House Majority PAC allocated $583,018 worth of advertising time in the Hartford market to run independent ads in October in support of Esty’s re-election.

But the PAC’s latest allocation of $7.2 million to run political commercials just before November’s election skips Esty in favor of Democrats the PAC’s managers believe are more vulnerable, including John Tierney of Massachusetts.

Esty is running against GOP challenger Mark Greenberg, a businessman from Litchfield who has put some of his own money into his campaign to unseat the Democratic freshman.

The House Majority PAC, however, said “it would announce additional television reservations for the 2014 cycle.” To date it has secured about $20 million in television time across the country.

When Esty first ran for her seat in 2012, the PAC came to her aid.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the tremendous help of the House Majority PAC,” Esty said in a You Tube video after the race.

In all, 40 Democrats backed by the House Majority PAC won their seats that year.

Esty will also benefit from ads purchased by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has reserved $780,000 worth of air time in Connecticut.

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