A picture from Tom Foley's first TV ad in 2014
Tom Foley's first TV ad in 2014

Want to see how Connecticut’s candidates for governor are trying to sell themselves to you? Here are their ads and our analyses.

Updated: August 7

1. Tom Foley as family man

The GOP frontrunner’s first ad emphasized his personal side.

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2. Dan Malloy and tough times

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s first re-election TV spot pointed to the challenges the state has faced during his tenure.

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3. John McKinney’s infamous audio

GOP candidate Sen. John P. McKinney says he’ll cut state spending, unlike his opponents. The ad quotes Foley saying he won’t cut spending — but it turns out those weren’t the candidate’s exact words.

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4. Foley vs. the insiders

Foley brands both McKinney and Malloy as insiders who pushed failed policies and tax hikes. It takes some liberties with McKinney’s record.

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5. McKinney: ‘Is he kidding?’

McKinney says Foley is wrong about his record.

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6. McKinney-Walker: A promised tax cut

They ran the ad before they released their plan, but John P. McKinney and his running mate, David M. Walker, say they have a way to cut middle-class income taxes.

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7. Tom Foley, the ‘good man’

This Tom Foley ad features people who’ve worked for the candidate. (You might recognize them from his 2010 ad.)

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8. Malloy ad features a Sandy Hook mom

Malloy’s second ad includes a testimonial from Nicole Hockley, whose 6-year-old son, Dylan, was among those fatally shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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9. Foley ad promises a ‘new direction’

Foley takes a generic swipe at unnamed politicians and promises a new direction if elected.

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10. McKinney ad hits Foley as ill-informed

In “The Clear Choice,” McKinney uses footage of Foley arguing with laid-off workers and a Democratic first selectwoman outside a doomed paper mill.

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