Washington – There’s a bit of good news from Washington D.C. – the U.S. Energy Information Agency said Tuesday that no matter what fuel homeowners use to keep warm, heating bills will be lower this year than last.

“U.S. households in all regions of the country can expect to pay lower heating bills this winter, because temperatures are forecast to be warmer than last winter and that means less demand for heat,” said EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski.

Another boon to those who  use heating oil to keep warm is that the EIA expects the price of that fuel to remain lower than it was last year. With less consumption and a lower price, those using heating oil this winter can expect an average decrease in their fuel bills of 15.4 percent, the EIA said in its forecast.

Homeowners in the Northeast who heat their homes with natural gas can expect a 2.9 percent drop in their fuel bills, and those using electricity will experience a 2.5 percent drop in their heating costs, the EIA said.

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