5th Anniversary Donor Drive
5th Anniversary Donor Drive

Dear Friends,

In October, we conducted our 2014 Mirror audience survey to gauge where we stand as an organization. Thank you for your valuable insight. We thoroughly enjoyed the overwhelming enthusiasm regarding our staff’s work, suggestions on how we can improve and thoughts on future endeavors.

The most popular response? You want more.

More in-depth journalism. More accountability journalism. More public policy analysis.

As a nonprofit news organization that celebrated our fifth anniversary in 2014-15, we continue to make the transition from startup to sustainability. Our goal is to continue growing so we can provide all of this for you. That’s why we need your support.

In addition to your generous tax-deductible donations, as part of our donor drive we’ve made some adjustments based on your input. We now offer a PayPal option in addition to accepting gifts of appreciated stock. We also are offering two new items as part of our appreciation for your donations, and we have created our Corporate Circle to recognize businesses and organizations that support us.

Please consider donating here to help ensure future years of high-quality work from The Connecticut Mirror.

Thank you for your support!

Brett Orzechowski
The Connecticut Mirror/The Connecticut News Project, Inc.