Without transparency of information, patient engagement is severely compromised.

The bills that are in front of the legislators are intended to address the rapid changes in the Connecticut health care landscape.  It is important to consider that every decision will directly or indirectly impact patients and their families.

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We encourage the inclusion and engagement of patients and family members in all aspects of the process since patients and family members have a unique perspective that adds value to these conversations.

These bills are all interrelated and require a well thought out and cohesive approach.  It is encouraging to see this conversation taking place and these issues being addressed by the legislature.  However, we must make sure that we look at the forest through the trees and address healthcare as one landscape.

Lisa Freeman
Lisa Freeman

We further encourage our representatives to strongly consider that without transparency of quality data and health care costs, patients cannot make informed decisions nor be fully engaged in their own health care.

It is recognized that when patients are engaged in their care they achieve better outcomes, lower costs and they are more satisfied with their care.  Isn’t that what is in the best interest of all residents in Connecticut and the state itself?

Lisa Freeman is executive director of the Connecticut Center for Patient Safety.

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