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13 wrong-site surgeries, one on the wrong person, and she has questions

The 2016 Connecticut Department of Public Health Report on adverse medical events was recently released. I was waiting for this report and hoping that I would read about significant improvements from the past years, showing meaningful reductions in the number of patient harm events leading to death or serious injury or consequences. What I read was that there has been no significant reduction in the number of patient harm events over the last year.

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Let’s involve Connecticut patients in reducing medical errors

March 13 through 18 is National Patient Safety Awareness Week. As I sit here, thinking of what to write, stories of the people who have reached out to the CT Center for Patient Safety over the years are streaming through my mind. I am remembering the story of an infant whose high bilirubin level was not treated after birth and who suffered from kernicterus and now lives with severe complications of cerebral palsy; the story of the young mom who died sitting next to her 4-year-old after getting an allergy shot at the doctor’s office and going into anaphylactic shock. They didn’t have IV epinephrine to help her.