Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who sat with the first lady during the State of the Union on Tuesday night, was praising President Obama’s speech in a live interview on MSNBC when Rachel Maddow changed the topic to presidential running mates.

The host noted that neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders, the two leading contestants for the Democratic presidential nomination, ever has been a governor.

MADDOW: I think when it comes time for the Democratic nominee this year to pick a vice presidential running mate, it is likely they will choose somebody who is a governor or has has some other kind of executive experience. Are you in the running for vice presidential nominee for the Democratic Party this year? Would you like to be?

MALLOY: I hope not. I thought you liked me. That’s a tough job. If Biden would do it again, I’d give it to him, to tell you the truth. That’s not what interests me. I enjoy being governor. Listen, we’ve done a lot in Connecticut. We were the first to pass paid sick days. We did it in ’11. No other state did it until ’14, and now only four states have done it. We were the first state to get behind $10.10 as a minimum wage. We were the best implementer of Obamacare. We have taken on the issue of education. We were the first state to be certified as having ended chronic homelessness amongst veterans, just this past summer. We’ve done a lot of good work. It’s been a hard environment. I know I’m not the most popular guy in the world, but I will tell you I’m a pretty hard-working guy, and we’re going to get things done in Connecticut over the next three years as well.

MADDOW: Gov. Dan Malloy, professing to be absolutely disinterested in the job and then running a pretty good resume, a pretty good audition reel for it right there.

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