Has State Sen. Toni Boucher taken the blue pill? She seems a little ignorant of the most basic facts about the reality of General Electric.

Ginning up a false narrative about onerous taxes and Connecticut’s anti-business climate can hardly be taken seriously at this point. These billion dollar corporations, now more powerful than governments, then leverage that power to get unnecessary sweetheart deals, use tax loopholes and armies of lobbyists to rig the game to not only get out of paying their fair share in taxes, but in GE’s case actually having the Federal Government pay them or paying a nominal effective state tax rate.

They constantly extort states and play them against each other to minimize paying their fair share of taxes and get away with it every time.

It’s the same old tired cycle: Billion dollar corporations, serial tax cheaters, complaining about minuscule measures to close the loopholes only they get to exploit to not pay their fair share of taxes, then whining about being taxed to0 much. It is a complete obscene farce.

But let’s take this further and  start with treating GE as a person. We are, after all, living in a post-Citizens United America whereby corporations are people with First Amendment rights and their money is free speech.

This being the case, what kind of person is General Electric? Sen. Boucher seems to think it is an upright model citizen.

Well, if one does a little of research, we know GE is guilty of war profiteering. We know that GE is one of the most egregious tax cheats when it comes to federal taxes, which amounts to legalized theft only billion dollar multinational corporations can get away with.

And if one does the most basic look up of their past behavior, we can see an atrocious record of serial fraud and criminal activity. Quite a lengthy and serious rap sheet. I would venture to say it is a litany of capital offenses with multiple aggravating factors.

Jason Villani is a reference librarian at the New Britain Public Library.

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