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Analyst: Trump’s idea for F-35 would be ‘a disaster for the U.S.’

WASHINGTON — While President-elect Donald Trump is unhappy about the cost of Lockheed Martin’s F-35, replacing it with a cheaper jet would face serious problems, defense analysts and Connecticut’s lawmakers say. Loren Thompson, a defense analyst with the Lexington Institute, called Trump’s idea “a disaster for the United States” that would hurt the nation’s military strength.

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Call it corporate welfare or investment, Malloy says it pays off

NEW HAVEN — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy gave an upbeat assessment Tuesday of what Connecticut is getting for the $256.6 million in direct state assistance he’s given to some of the world’s biggest and richest corporations, investments often made in the face of genteel blackmail — the knowledge another governor may be waiting with a competing offer.

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Quit bashing, start advocating for Connecticut

We love Connecticut! And that is why we are discouraged by the constant negativity we hear about our state. We need to stop disparaging this special place. Rather than sitting back and criticizing our current state of affairs, let’s work together to appreciate all that Connecticut offers while also taking the steps necessary to secure a promising and prosperous future.

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GE’s move muddles economic development debate

General Electric’s corporate-headquarters move from Connecticut to Boston has been inaccurately described as a decision based solely on taxes. This characterization might be understandable, given GE’s public outcry over the legislature’s adoption of a common-sense policy known as mandatory combined reporting, which requires profitable corporations to pay their fair share. On the other hand, Massachusetts has long had such a policy on the books and is also seriously considering a millionaires tax.

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General Electric’s departure not Connecticut’s fault — or loss

Has State Sen. Toni Boucher taken the blue pill? She seems a little ignorant of the most basic facts about the reality of General Electric. Ginning up a false narrative about onerous taxes and Connecticut’s anti-business climate can hardly be taken seriously at this point. These billion dollar corporations, now more powerful than governments, leverage that power to get unnecessary sweetheart deals, use tax loopholes and armies of lobbyists to rig the game to not only get out of paying their fair share in taxes, but in GE’s case actually having the Federal Government pay them or paying a nominal effective state tax rate.

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There’s a near deal — but it’s not bipartisan — on state budget deficit

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and his fellow Democrats in the legislature’s majority said Thursday they believe they had reached the essence of a deal to mitigate state budget deficits and offer modest tax relief to businesses. Malloy announced he would call the General Assembly into special session on Tuesday in the hopes of adopting the package.

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Deadlines nearing for state budget talks, GE decision on a move

State budget talks made little progress Wednesday but will continue for at least one more day as legislators from both sides conceded a self-imposed deadline is nearly upon them. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy also hopes to extract new business tax relief from these talks and confirmed he continues to talk with General Electric in hopes of keeping the major corporation in Connecticut.