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Analyst: Trump’s idea for F-35 would be ‘a disaster for the U.S.’

WASHINGTON — While President-elect Donald Trump is unhappy about the cost of Lockheed Martin’s F-35, replacing it with a cheaper jet would face serious problems, defense analysts and Connecticut’s lawmakers say. Loren Thompson, a defense analyst with the Lexington Institute, called Trump’s idea “a disaster for the United States” that would hurt the nation’s military strength. Continue Reading →

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Call it corporate welfare or investment, Malloy says it pays off

NEW HAVEN — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy gave an upbeat assessment Tuesday of what Connecticut is getting for the $256.6 million in direct state assistance he’s given to some of the world’s biggest and richest corporations, investments often made in the face of genteel blackmail — the knowledge another governor may be waiting with a competing offer. Continue Reading →

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At Republican retreat, GOP senators press Kudlow to run against Blumenthal

BALTIMORE, MD. — Larry Kudlow continued to keep people guessing as to whether he’ll challenge Sen. Richard Blumenthal at the House and Senate Republican retreat in Baltimore Thursday, but the pressure was on. “I talked to quite a few senators,” Kudlow said. “They were very encouraging.”
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Fight begins over lessons to draw from GE’s departure

Connecticut’s political elite raced Wednesday to frame General Electric’s decision to abandon its 1970s-era campus in suburban Fairfield for a new global headquarters in downtown Boston as everything from merely disappointing to politically cataclysmic. Business feared politicians would draw the wrong lessons. Continue Reading →

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Investing in business climate will be a tall order for CT

The challenge for state government, said economists and business leaders Wednesday, will be to find the resources to invest – in transportation, information technology and higher education – as the cost of public-sector retirement benefits spikes over the next decade to 15 years. Continue Reading →

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There’s a near deal — but it’s not bipartisan — on state budget deficit

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and his fellow Democrats in the legislature’s majority said Thursday they believe they had reached the essence of a deal to mitigate state budget deficits and offer modest tax relief to businesses. Malloy announced he would call the General Assembly into special session on Tuesday in the hopes of adopting the package. Continue Reading →

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Deadlines nearing for state budget talks, GE decision on a move

State budget talks made little progress Wednesday but will continue for at least one more day as legislators from both sides conceded a self-imposed deadline is nearly upon them. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy also hopes to extract new business tax relief from these talks and confirmed he continues to talk with General Electric in hopes of keeping the major corporation in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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CT defense industry hopes to boost sales at Groton aerospace summit

It may not be as big as the Paris Air Show, but some the same companies that attend that event, including Airbus and Northrup Grumman, will gather in Groton on Monday to pursue the same goals they seek every year in France — more sales and the information needed to make good business decisions. Continue Reading →

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Pratt & Whitney could be big winner – or loser – in new bomber contract

WASHINGTON — Pratt & Whitney could be a big winner, or a big loser, in the Pentagon’s decision to award a multi-billion contract to Northrop Grumman to manufacture the nation’s next generation U.S. warplane , the Long-Range Strike Bomber. The Air Force says the identity of subcontractors on the plane must be kept secret for national security reasons. Continue Reading →

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