Linda McMahon: ‘Stay tuned’ on Trump job offer

Linda McMahon

CTMirror File Photo

Linda McMahon

Washington – World Wrestling Federation co-founder Linda McMahon said she discussed the Small Business Administration, among other things with President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday.

“The meeting went great. It was really nice to be up, and I was honored to be asked to come in,” McMahon said of her visit to Trump Tower. “Anytime I think the president-elect of the United States asks you to come in for a conversation, you’re happy to do that.”

McMahon told reporters staking out who came and went at Trump’s headquarters that, “We talked about business and entrepreneurs and creating jobs, and we talked about SBA.”

“We had a really good conversation,” she said.

When asked if she was offered a job, McMahon said: “That remains to be seen. Stay tuned.”

Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, Indiana Sen. Dan Coats and retired Gen. John Kelly also have meetings Wednesday at Trump Tower.

McMahon, who ran unsuccessfully for Senate twice in Connecticut, spending a total of more than $100 million on those bids, gave a political action committee supporting Trump about $6 million.

McMahon gave hundreds of thousands of dollars more to efforts to re-elect vulnerable Republican Senate candidates.

McMahon spokeswoman Kate Duffy confirmed the meeting but said she “did not have any more information to share.”

McMahon has said she is not interested in an ambassadorship, a position often offered to big donors.

Miller said there would be no more cabinet appointments announced this week. He also said Vice President-elect Mike Pence was heading to Washington, D.C., to meet with key lawmakers, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, D-Wis., and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

On Wednesday, the Trump transition team announced its nominations of Steven Mnuchin as secretary of the treasury, Wilbur Ross as secretary of commerce and Todd Ricketts as deputy secretary of commerce.