Division comes from a lack of transparency?

This is where Danielle Morfi of North Haven should have started her comments on ‘partisan politics’ in Connecticut. With all her outrage aimed at Sen. Len Fasano, Morfi failed to see the true dangers of Connecticut’s one-party system.

State Democrats missed an opportunity by unilaterally drafting and introducing legislation aimed at hate crimes. Instead of leveraging the collective strength and experience of 36 elected senators, they instead chose to work at half strength to draft a bill. Imagine if all the senators collaborated on this legislation? How much better would it be if all corners of Connecticut were represented in the draft?

Fasano is right to point out this short-sighted tactic. Who wouldn’t be frustrated by the missed opportunity to engage all of our elected talent for the good of Connecticut? The true source of divisiveness is the lack of transparency by the Democrats — still saddened by their losses in November and still no wiser for their defeats.

The real ‘pity’ in this story is that after 10 years of majority rule by the Democrats we have a state that is weaker, losing population, suffering from an exodus of tax-paying corporations, and we have an educational system that victimizes our inner city youth with 38-point achievement gaps.

These are the real outcomes of one-party rule and a lack of transparency. Instead of working in isolation, let’s demand that all our elected representatives reach across the isle and work together from the beginning to the end of each process.

As Abraham Lincoln said: “ The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” Tomorrow is a new day, let’s make it count for Connecticut.

Dominic Rapini lives in Branford.

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