An elephant never forgets — or forgives. That comes in handy when settling old scores. I remember some time ago a Republican was supposed to head the State Elections Enforcement Commission but the Democrats and press threw a hissy fit. They wanted one of their own in that position.

The rub against Sebastian Giuliano they said at the time was he supposedly had the stink of partisanship because had recently been an elected Republican mayor. I remember the press and the Democrats said at the time their man that did take over –Democrat Michael J. Brandi — would be the personification of non-partisanship. Well all these years later we know that was nothing but a damn lie.

Under Democrat Brandi in 2016 the SEEC let Democrat Gov. Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party buy their way out of violating election laws without even admitting they had done anything wrong. Talk about the stink of partisanship! The SEEC sold them the governor’s office.

Even worse, under Brandi the SEEC is still trying to prosecute 2014 Republican candidates for the legislature who dared call the Malloy Tax Hikes the Malloy Tax Hikes in their campaign mailers. Democrat Brandi contends that candidates may not bring up other candidates for office on the ballot even if they are closely associated with particular issues i.e. The Malloy Tax Hikes. This is hard to see as anything but partisan.

It never ceases to amaze how hypocritical the Democrats and press can be without any hint of shame or embarrassment.

John McCommas lives in Willimantic.

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