Dear President Trump, when Mary got pregnant, she was an unwed teenager.  Upon finding out that the woman to whom he was betrothed was pregnant, Joseph was appalled and ashamed and made a plan to send her away.  After divine counseling, he reversed his decision and married her as planned.  Upon giving birth, the young couple found out that the government instituted a law mandating the execution of every child born in the same time frame as their son.  To what will be a great consternation to Attorney General Sessions, they broke the law, choosing instead to smuggle their newborn son out of Bethlehem, thus joining the ranks of the poor and oppressed seeking asylum in a new country.

Mr. Trump, under the proposed GOP immigration law and your administration’s policy, this young middle-eastern couple is not the type of refugee that will be admitted into America.  After all, they are fleeing from one of those s-hole regions, where terrorist are bred every day or whose citizens want to infest our country.   They even gave birth to the child in a manger amongst animals — not very civilized.  They are not well educated and lack the advanced skills that we need here in America.

Joseph is a carpenter and will be competing with a displaced American worker, whose job was just recently shipped overseas.  Mary is unemployed with no discernible skills and will have to immediately access our overburdened safety net system to help care for this baby.  When He goes to the public school, we are going to be spending a lot to provide ESL services, because, you know, no English.  They are not going to qualify under any version of a merit-based system.  And, oh yes, there will be a child endangerment incident when they forget Him in a foreign city and was half way home before they realized His absence.  Thankfully, He will be found safe in a temple.

I have to disclose Mr. Trump that this child will grow up to be a rabble-rouser.  He will challenge the government and the church.  He will “pal around” with criminals like those animals that you speak so derisively about from MS-13, prostitutes, lepers, you know — the dregs of society.  He, like you, will insist that He alone can save us.

He will not be a fiscal conservative or a “boot-strapper.”  Instead, He will advocate for policies aimed at helping the poor, even going as far as suggesting that you give even to your own detriment – something about giving the very coat off your back – just not the one that your wife Melania wore to visit those refugee children.  His politics will sound suspiciously socialist – something about us being our brother’s keepers.  And yes, He will be involved in the criminal justice system, where He will be convicted and sentenced to death.

I know I am not making the most compelling argument for why this young couple and their child should be allowed in America.  But if we return them to their country, their child will be put to death and surely His life is as precious as the one that is in the womb.

I know to accept a family like this and especially their son into our hearts and lives is not going to make you popular with your supporters, including your white evangelical base.  After all, we must be a country of law and order.  We can’t just let everybody in who wants to come in.  Our resources are limited.  It’s not like we can rely upon a system of feeding the multitude with two fishes and fives loaves or Hail Mary policies like casting our bread upon the waters.

Some of your supporters will see kindness as too great a loan to give to this and other poor refugee families, even though God serves as the Guarantor.  And while it may seem counter-intuitive, I promise you, this young child’s life and death will be such a force for good in the world.

I urge you Mr. Trump, open your heart and invite this young couple and their son Jesus in.

Georgia Goldburn in the director of Hope for New Haven.

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