Last week, I was shocked — shocked, I say – to read the New York Times story about President Donald Trump’s fortune.  It turns out he is not a billionaire. He got his money from his father, has declared corporate bankruptcy at least six times and may be guilty of tax fraud.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Trump Castle and the Trump Plaza Hotel in New York City – bankrupt.  Trump University – con job. Trump steaks, Trump airline and Trump vodka – failures.  He is, in fact, such an incompetent businessman that I wouldn’t trust him to manage a lemonade stand unless his daddy was there to hold his hand.

And as we have all seen, you can add moral and intellectual bankruptcy to his financial shortcomings. But that’s not really news to anyone who has been awake for the 21st century.

The interesting thing to consider is how he got his reputation as a financial wizard. It seems he is really good at one thing after all, and that’s manipulating the media.

For decades, newspapers and TV stations have given him a large stage and a very loud bullhorn that he has used to shout his bull into the headlines. And nothing has changed. The media is still hanging on every irrational and incoherent statement he makes and reporting it endlessly on the 24 hour news cycle – just like he wants them to.

Imagine what would happen if the media simply shut off the tap and reported nothing he said or did for a week or two. I think he’d implode. Even if he didn’t, at least we could all get a well-earned rest from the snake oil salesman who happens to currently live in the White House.

Dr. Paul Bluestein lives in Bridgeport.

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