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The snake oil salesman in the White House

Last week, I was shocked — shocked, I say – to read the story about President Donald Trump’s fortune.  It turns out he is not a billionaire. He got his money from his father, has declared corporate bankruptcy at least six times and may be guilty of tax fraud. Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Trump Castle and the Trump Plaza Hotel in New York City – bankrupt.  Trump University – con job. Trump steaks, Trump airline and Trump vodka – failures.  He is, in fact, such an incompetent businessman that I wouldn’t trust him to manage a lemonade stand unless his daddy was there to hold his hand.

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Death with dignity — Why doesn’t Connecticut have it?

Most U.S. doctors favor allowing patients suffering from an incurable illness to seek a dignified death, according to a survey of more than 21,000 medical professionals. Medscape, an online resource for medical professionals, surveyed doctors across the country last year and found that 54 percent of respondents favored death with dignity — the first time that a majority of doctors has indicated support for physician-aid in dying.