I am Rick Bush and I am running for West Hartford Town Council.

Rick Bush

In this current, polarized, political climate, extreme views have penetrated the discussion in ways that are harmful to our democracy. It does no good when the fringe voices on both sides, who scream louder to influence the majority, are popularized by the mainstream media for their attention-grabbing statements with little to no basis in fact.

When candidates for local office take their talking points from national scripts, it prejudices the electorate and creates confusion. It divides voters on ideological values and spreads incendiary rhetoric that does nothing but to further separate the discussion from those willing to engage in it. It also demonstrates that some candidates do not really understand the issues in the districts they are running to serve.

The reality is that the majority of good people are in the middle. Whether you are left or right, we need a healthy political discourse and reasonable voices on both sides to protect us from ideological imbalance in the belief that one viewpoint is the better solution to our problems.

When politicians on any level make promises or push legislation to further an ideological pursuit instead of solving local problems, they have lost sight of the privilege it is to serve. I do not espouse national values in a way to gain credibility. I do not subscribe to fringe values, nor do I let my opinion be clouded by our nationally elected officials. National politics have no place in small town elections.

National politics have no place in small town elections.

As a self-employed person who works in the construction and real estate industry, I solve problems every day. Through interactions on a daily basis with the people who are the town of West Hartford, I see the issues first-hand. I drive the streets I want to fix, I talk to the people I want to help, I visit the buildings I want to maintain, I use the services I want to protect and I pay taxes required to keep everything running.

Good candidates are ones who run for office because they want to serve the community in which they live. They want to fix injustice, repair broken infrastructure, prepare for the future of their children and to protect their retirement in the community they have worked hard to maintain. A good candidate is not one who proselytizes about issues that polarize the electorate and scare people into voting for issues that don’t exist.

When it comes to West Hartford, I will bring positive energy, creativity and diligence to solve current, real problems with the good people from both sides of the aisle. I will not take an ideological stance in favor of a fair, negotiated settlement.

If you are concerned about high taxes, unfunded mandates and maintaining the excellent schools and high level of services people have come to expect from West Hartford it is time to welcome new leadership on to the Town Council.

Rick Bush is a candidate for West Hartford Town Council.

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