Sen. Marilyn Moore

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Thursday that voters cannot sue to overturn the results of an election. The decision ends a months-long legal battlebetween three voters and the City of Bridgeport.

The Bridgeport voters alleged issues with the absentee ballot process that cast serious doubt over the outcome of the municipal primary.

Incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim won the Democratic primary over State Senator Marilyn Moore by just 270 votes in September. Ganim had a share of absentee ballots tipped 3-to-1 in his favor.

A lower court judge in Bridgeport decided not to call for a new primary, in part because the lawsuit complaint was not filed by a candidate, like Moore. The suit also did not ask for a do-over of the mayoral primary, specifically.

On appeal, the Supreme Court held an emergency hearing on the eve of the general election. Justices said voting would happen as normal while they decided the case. Ganim won reelection with nearly 60% of the vote.

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