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Malloy nominates Richard A. Robinson as chief justice

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Thursday nominated Associate Justice Richard A. Robinson of Stamford to become chief justice of the Supreme Court, tapping a nominee first appointed as a lower-court  judge by a Republican. If confirmed by the legislature, Robinson would be the first African-American leader of the state’s highest court. Continue Reading →

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House sends McDonald nomination to an unwelcoming Senate

By a single vote on Monday, the House of Representatives endorsed the confirmation of Andrew J. McDonald as chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. His nomination goes to the Senate, where Republicans seem poised to block the promotion of the state’s first openly gay justice over issues the GOP says have nothing to do with sexual orientation. Continue Reading →

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Malloy names Mullins, Kahn to Supreme Court

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy made Wednesday what are likely to be his last nominations to a Supreme Court already dominated by his appointees, nominating Judges Raheem L. Mullins and Maria Araujo Kahn of the Appellate Court to the state’s highest court. William H. Bright Jr. was nominated to the Appellate Court. Continue Reading →

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High court milestone in Malloy’s next round of nominees

With Justice Peter T. Zarella retiring in December and Justice Dennis G. Eveleigh reaching the mandatory retirement age of 70 next October, the Connecticut Supreme Court soon will be dominated by appointees of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. After filling no vacancies for more than a year, Malloy is considering nominees for the trial, Appellate and Supreme courts. Continue Reading →

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CT Supreme Court rules in FOI case involving Ritter, CRRA

A unanimous ruling Monday by the Connecticut Supreme Court in a case involving a prominent lawyer-lobbyist, former House Speaker Thomas D. Ritter, seems to narrow the circumstances when a lawyer’s business or political advice is protected by lawyer-client privilege. Continue Reading →

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CT high court rules UConn wrongly fired employee for getting high at work

The state’s high court has unanimously decided the University of Connecticut was not justified in firing an employee found getting high on marijuana while on the job, a case the attorneys for the state argued would have broad implications for state employees. Continue Reading →

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Court: UConn can withhold names of animal researchers, for now

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a trial judge used the wrong legal standard when he ordered the University of Connecticut to give an animal-rights group the names of researchers who had violated animal-research protocols. The university withheld the names to protect the researchers from potential abuse by animal-rights activists. Continue Reading →

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High Court reaffirms the end of Connecticut’s death penalty

The state Supreme Court declined Thursday to reverse its 2015 decision eliminating the last vestige of capital punishment in Connecticut – the sentences facing 11 men on death row when the legislature repealed the death penalty for future crimes. The 5-2 ruling means an end to the death penalty, a punishment the General Assembly repealed for future crimes in 2012. Continue Reading →

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Legislature considers furloughs; judiciary cancels raises

Underscoring the fiscal crisis facing Connecticut, the General Assembly is considering furloughs of legislative staff, a rollback of staff raises, and a rare rejection of a negotiated contract. Meanwhile, the Judicial Branch has canceled raises for non-union employees that were to take effect Friday. Continue Reading →

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Court warned of ‘life and death’ stakes in domestic cases

The Connecticut Supreme Court heard a public interest appeal Tuesday intended to clarify whether applications for restraining orders in family-violence cases ever can be denied without a hearing. “This isn’t a technicality,” Linda Allard of Greater Hartford Legal Aid told the court. “This is about life and death.” Continue Reading →

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