Having seen “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Broadway and now the impeachment trial at the Senate, I find both Congressman Adam Schiff and the play’s protagonist Atticus Finch argued their case in the same closed-minded court shamelessly marching toward a predetermined verdict without intention of seeking justice.

Senator Lamar Alexander’s observation that the evidence showed Donald Trump was indeed guilty of scurrilous actions and behavior but that it did not rise to removing him from office forever damns the Republican party with dishonor.

Following Senator Mitt Romney’s vote to remove on the one count of abuse of power the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) decided to disinvite him from its convention, thereby tainting conservative ideology with dishonor as well.

George Will describes in his book Conservative Sensibility two types of conservatives; American, one who seeks to preserve the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and European, one who seeks to preserve the monarchy and church.

Call me an American Conservative. One who is ashamed the Senate chose to forswear the Declaration of Independence and give the President unfettered autocratic power of a king. One who feels the Republican Party has shucked aside its core values of honor and prudence and capitulated to the mob. One who is disgusted to be identified with Trump just because he is a conservative.

This November I will be the Libertarian candidate for Darien’s State Representative District 141. The Libertarian Party is to be the refuge for American Conservatives to resurrect true North from the ashes the GOP left behind. There is much a new party with no attachment to the status quo can do to declutter Connecticut’s accumulation of regulators and agencies holding its economy back just when strength is needed to cover the long history of irresponsible decisions over pension obligations for which both major parties can be blamed.

Vincent Arguimbau of Darien is on the Board of Directors of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut

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  1. “I find both Congressman Adam Schiff and the play’s protagonist Atticus Finch argued their case in the same closed-minded court shamelessly marching toward a predetermined verdict without intention of seeking justice.”

    Rep Schiff didn’t seek justice. He ignored the most basic Constitutional Law principles, made up his own set of facts, coordinated with a proven-wrong ‘witness,’ refused to allow questioning of that ‘witness’ and continues to hide what others who have seen it call exculpatory evidence. Rep Nadler took it a step further and used heavily biased ‘experts’ as ‘fact witnesses.’

    A Libertarian? I think not.

    1. Do you really believe that if there was exculpatory evidence that wasn’t presented the GOP Senators would still have blocked witnesses from testifying? That makes absolutely no sense. And which proven-wrong witness did he coordinate with? And which experts are you accusing of perjury? Please share your source of such insightful information. I’m hoping that it’s not any of the network “news” programs.

      1. Try going beyond CNN and MSNBC for YOUR info.
        IC IG testimony has been kept secret. Had Senate Rs opened the door to witnesses, it would have gone on for months as someone else would become “absolutely necessary to hear from.” . Every Dem witness (yes, I watched it ALL) eventually admitted their testimony was opinion, presumption, belief. Schiff admitted his staff met with the “WB” BEFORE the complaint was filed. The ‘experts’ bias was easily seen through their publications, interviews, writings, etc.AND I didn’t accuse them of perjury, just extreme bias. When questioned by Rs, they all admitted it was all opinion.

        Continuing with you is obviously pointless. I could show you pictures of a blue sky and you’d tell me that’s just FNC lies. By the way, I watch very little FNC, read info from ALL ‘sides,’ and actually use my head for something besides a hat rack. Have a sparkling day!

      2. The actual extent of anybody’s contact with the whistleblower is not nefarious as you suggest. And in no way does it amount to “coordination”.
        From Reuters 11/13/19:

        The source familiar with the whistleblower’s contacts with investigators said allegations that Schiff met or had any other contact with the whistleblower were “completely false.”

        The whistleblower did meet once with an Intelligence Committee staff member in late July in order to inquire about the congressional investigative process, the source said.

        The source said the whistleblower and the committee staff member had known each other from prior work but their contacts had been “professional” and they were “not friends or close.”

        He said the committee staffer told the whistleblower to hire a lawyer and speak to the intelligence community inspector general.

    2. Where’s your evidence of “coordination” with any witness? How can there be a “proven-wrong” witness when Trump admits what he did, every time he says “read the transcript!” I read the transcript. How can there be a “proven-wrong” witness when there was corroboration — so much, that even Trump supporters acknowledge that he did what he was accused of doing? (Even though they then say it wasn’t bad enough, which is absolute nonsense.) If there was exculpatory evidence, why didn’t the White House offer it up? Why did they block release of documents and testimony of witnesses? Why did the White House decline the opportunity to participate in the impeachment hearing? Got answers?

  2. Pres Trump is brash, somewhat vulgar, and rough around the edges. However, he truly gets the job done! Additionally. He did not commit an impeachable offense. So all the actions were more about “Political Theater”, not justice or defense of our Constitution. And as it relates to the author being a Libertarian…I think not!

    1. “However, he truly gets the job done!”
      So the Korea Peninsula is de-nuclearized?
      The “wall” is built and Mexico paid for it?
      Repealed the Affordable Care Act and replace. How hard can it be?
      Won that trade war with China yet?
      Tax cuts for the middle class?
      Simplify the Tax return forms. How’s that postcard coming?

      1. Jim,
        Everytime I ask a Trump supporter to be specific on what Trump has “done”, I never get an answer. If anything, I get another vague editorial.

      2. How are we better off? Trump promised cheaper healthcare for more coverage. Nope. Trump promised to erase deficit. Nope. Not only that, he has exploded it upward historically. Economy and stock market. It is just a continuation of Obama’s hugely successful numbers. As a matter of fact in Obama’last year, 224,000 jobs a month were created. Trump’s only at 184,000

  3. I predict Adam Schiff can be President some day. He’s honest, a straight shooter, has integrity, smart as hell, and extremely articulate. Actually, I wish he was running against Trump. He’d make mince meat of Trump in a one on one debate. Why? Because he wouldn’t get sucked in by all Trump’s verbal idiocies, wouldn’t let Trump suck him down in the gutter , where Trump resides. He is capable of ignoring Trump and focusing on issues that need to be addressed. Unlike Trump who has no policies, doesn’t even read, and who is truly just a reality tv person.

    1. During the Mueller investigation, Schiff claimed that the Democrats had clear evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. After Mueller announced his conclusion that he found no evidence of collusion, Schiff forgot about his nonexistent “clear evidence”. Schiff is a dishonest, unethical phony.

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