This week on “Steady Habits,” we invite you to listen to an excerpt from our virtual event, “From the Bench,” where CT Mirror’s John Dankosky was joined by Pulitzer Prize-winner Linda Greenhouse, the longtime New York Times Supreme Court reporter and current columnist. She explains the impact of the Court’s recent controversial decisions.

Linda Greenhouse

Date: Thursday, July 8, 2020

This was a big week for the United States Supreme Court.

A very long term comes to an end. It was conducted under unusual circumstances because of the coronavirus, and it tackled some of the most important cultural and workplace issues of our times.

Now, depending on when you’re listening to this podcast, it may have already wrapped up. We held our virtual event one day after a unanimous decision in the so-called “faithless electors” case, and one day before a pair of 7-2 decisions, expanding the rights of religious organizations to limit contraception coverage and other workplace protections to workers.

As a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who has covered the United States Supreme Court for nearly three decades, Linda Greenhouse offers unique insights into the three recent and consequential decisions about LGBT rights, immigration and abortion.

Tune in to hear her thoughts on the recent decisions made by Chief Justice John Roberts, her concerns about political polarization, and the meaning of the “legitimacy” of the Supreme Court.

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