On Saturday morning I awoke to the news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing. And suddenly my fear was right there, rearing back up. Because I am scared, so scared, that federal lawmakers who deny the humanity of millions, are going to get re-elected. And so I’m asking you to VOTE. To vote for federal candidates, but also to vote for our state officials. Because our democracy is at stake, and so we not only need to ensure better federal lawmakers, but we also need state lawmakers who will stand up for human rights, climate action, and other such important issues.

Sena Wazer

There are candidates all over the state who are facing tough elections this year. They need you. They need your vote, but they also need whatever else you can give: whether that be money, time, or something else. I want you to sign up to phone bank, text bank, and write postcards for candidates. Because this year, everything is at stake. Let me explain further.

I am a 16-year-old climate activist from Mansfeild. And I can tell you with absolute confidence, that this election is critical for climate action. If we continue to fail to act, if our country continues rolling back environmental protection, then we will see thousands more climate refugees; we will continue to be battered by stronger and stronger storms while the West coast continues to burn.

As a woman, I’m scared that I’m about to see the end of Roe v. Wade, and my ability to control my own body.

As someone committed to anti-racism, I’m worried that we will continue to see no justice for our Black brothers and sisters who have been murdered in broad daylight. I’m afraid that without major changes we will continue to treat immigrants seeking a better life as less than human. I could keep going.

Whatever issue is important to you, it is probably at stake in this election. So vote. Vote like your life, and the lives of those you care about, depend on it, because they do.

This is not the election to sit out. Every single vote counts.  And so along with voting yourself, I also need you to reach out to everyone you know, especially in swing states, to make sure that they are voting for those who will protect human rights and take action on climate change. Here in Connecticut, I need you to reach out to friends and family in neighboring towns and make sure that they are voting not only federally, but also for those running for state office. We can’t mess around, we have to put everything into this election.

I know that a lot of progressives aren’t necessarily excited by their options federally, and maybe not locally either, but this election is too consequential for anyone to sit out. I can’t vote, I’m too young; I’m volunteering my time with candidates as much as possible, but I’m counting on you to vote. Please.

Sena Wazer lives in Mansfield.

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