Despite its progressive image on reproductive rights, Connecticut doesn’t require public schools to teach sex education. This episode we speak with two teenagers who have stepped in to help educate their peers on this most intimate of topics — and we find out what questions they get asked the most. We also hear from Laura Garcia, an undocumented woman who shares her story of attempting to get care during her pregnancy.

Throughout this season we’re looking at the issues that are driving young people’s engagement with politics — the climate crisis, reproductive rights, gun violence, gay and trans rights, and access to the ballot box. What about those issues is self-evident? Where do we have common ground as a nation and across generations, and where do we differ?

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Guests this episode

Liana Cunningham, senior director of education and training at Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.

Xaritzy Villanueva, Planned Parenthood STARS peer educator

Hannah Kohn, Planned Parenthood STARS peer educator

Challenge assumptions, seek understanding, leave nothing untold. In each episode of Untold we will pass the microphone from the policymakers to the people, connecting with Connecticut’s communities to reframe familiar stories and explore those left untold.