On Nov. 8, Sen. Richard Blumenthal won against Lenora Levy for Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race. He won for the third time in a row. Now, Connecticut residents are questioning what is the new task he will undertake. What are the new challenges we face as a community?

Oluwatoyin Gbadebo

Connecticut faces a new obstacle — our growing poverty crisis. According to United Way’s ALICE report “38% of Connecticut’s nearly 1.4 million households could not afford basic needs in 2018, including 11% that lived below the federal poverty level.

Blumenthal should make this his main priority because the residents of Connecticut are seeking a leader who will assist them and help them reach their full potential just like others in many impoverished nations who lack the same resources such as food, education, housing which are all components critical for individuals to reach self actualization.

If the senator is fully committed to ensuring the livelihoods and safety of U.S. citizens, he should propose funding for local and humanitarian assistance. I’m also calling him to action to support the corona virus response legislation advocated by the Borgen Project.

It is time for him to step up and show true change.

Oluwatoyin Gbadebo lives in West Hartford.