By looking at year-to-year address changes reported on individual income tax returns, the IRS has compiled data on people’s migration patterns across the country.

Data show that the state that sent the most number people to Connecticut (inflows) from 2011 to 2020 is New York, at over 183,000 people, followed by Massachusetts (60,000+) and Florida (51,000+). New York made up 32% of all inflows over the time period.

The state receiving the most people from Connecticut (outflows) is Florida, at over 122,000 people, followed by New York (114,000+) and Massachusetts (71,000+). Florida made up 16% of all outflows over the time period.

The changes differ over time. In most of the first half of the decade, from 2011 to 2015, the outflows were biggest to New York. For the rest of the decade up to 2020, Florida was the top destination.

Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota were the states with the smallest groups of people leaving to and coming from Connecticut.

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