Connecticut's top nine job industries in 2009 have remained in the top nine up to 2019, according to Census data.

The industry with the most workers in Connecticut is what is described as the "food service and drinking place" industry, increasing from about 100,000 jobs to 125,000, a 25% increase. In terms of its share of the total state workforce, this industry increased from 6.8% to 8.1%.

Of the top nine industries, only the hospital and insurance industries saw declines, at 3% and 11% respectively. The insurance industry lost over 7,000 jobs.

Eric George, President of the Insurance Association of Connecticut, said that it may be due to trends across all industry lines.

“I really can’t point to anything specific. With the way things changed, perhaps some folks are thinking about employment differently. ... The trend has been that many folks have opted for different types of employment since the pandemic began,” said George. “I have found in the insurance industry a lot of flexibility that insurers have afforded their employees. Hybrid work schedules, coming in a few days a week, and for folks who like to work from home, I’ve seen a lot of accommodations made. Insurers are trying to take steps to make it more attractive to attract talent.”

While hospital employment dropped 3%, ambulatory health care and outpatient services employment increased by 24%, adding almost 20,000 jobs, and jobs regarding nursing and residential care facilities increased by 4%.

The biggest percent increase was in the social assistance industry at 36%, going from just over 43,000 jobs to almost 60,000. It has also remained the smallest employed industry out of the group, but with its increase, it’s close to catching up to the insurance industry.

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