DataHaven, a nonprofit that collects data on well-being and quality of life, released the 2023 Community Wellbeing Index regional reports and the 2022 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey results. The 2023 report uses various data sources, including the 2022 survey results and other non-survey data, from across Connecticut to gauge how different groups feel about their communities.

The survey compared data across what it described as the Five Connecticuts, a classification system used to split the state based on census data such as median household income, population density and poverty rate of each town. It shows that wealthy towns had the lowest rates of diabetes and asthma while reporting the highest levels of overall health (80%).

Those living in urban core areas had the lowest levels of trust with neighbors, belief that parks are in good condition, think the police are doing a good job and have good employment opportunities.

Suburban areas had the highest rates for trusting neighbors, having parks in good conditions, and thinking the police do a good job. Wealthy areas report having more employment opportunities.

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