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Another view on the Rittenhouse verdict hysteria

I was disappointed to see an item in The Mirror on November 22, entitled “The bias that found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty sends other young people to jail,” written by The Mirror’s new Community Editorial Board director/columnist, that denounced the Rittenhouse jury verdict as biased. I was primarily disappointed because there was zero evidence presented […]

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Emotion substituting as evidence sunk impeachment trial

As Gandalf exclaimed to Saruman in Lord of the Rings (the movie version) when he learned of Saruman’s evil doings: when did you “abandon reason for madness?” So, too, did the Democrats when they launched the second impeachment trial (and arguably the first as well). Madness may be too strong a term, but emotion (primarily vindictiveness, payback and vengeance) overwhelmed reason when the hastily assembled articles of impeachment were prepared and delivered six days after the Jan. 6 insurrection.