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Maps for All: Connecting culture, commerce and conversation

It may be a surprise to some, but Connecticut’s capital city is an international one – steadily becoming a magnet for people from nations throughout the world. Those expanding demographics – and the increasingly inter-reliant world in which we live – are the driving force in an effort to spur conversations in Hartford and across the state, and improve global awareness.  A vigorous initiative — Maps for All — urges residents to “see the world in public places.”  It was launched last month to coincide with National Geography Awareness Week, but has ambitions that extend further.

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Revenge of the Millennials: We quite like it here

It is so incredibly difficult to accentuate the positive in Connecticut.  Doing so is akin to swimming upstream, climbing uphill, and skiing through a revolving door – combined. In fact, when there is positive evidence staring us in the face, our Nutmeg reflexes kick in automatically.  We shut our eyes, the better not to see the hopeful signs or indicators of progress.