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Industrial farming outweighs willpower in obesity crisis, experts say

Industrial-scale farming and food processing are greater factors in rising obesity numbers in Connecticut and worldwide than individual behavior, scientists say. This complex food system feeds directly into greenhouse gas emissions and accelerated climate change. Last year the journal The Lancet identified a global “syndemic” linking climate change to obesity and poor nutrition, referencing dozens of studies. […]

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New wind speed data suggest more viable turbine sites in state

New measurements of Connecticut wind speeds show that many more sites than previously believed could be economically viable for wind power, potentially expanding the range where turbines could produce electricity. The data suggest that with today’s taller turbines and improved blades, wind power could work even in lower-lying areas, not just the higher elevations in […]

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Investors say state must find new approaches to compete for dollars

Two investors speaking at a forum on green jobs Wednesday said that a wholesale change in approach will be required for tiny Connecticut to attract some of the billions of investors’ dollars available for clean energy projects. Kevin Walsh, managing director of renewable energy for the Stamford-based GE Energy Financial Services, and Old Lyme-based Liddy […]

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Could Connecticut be on the biofuel frontier?

STORRS–Think of biofuel, and what comes to mind is vast acres of Midwest corn for ethanol, or a hobbyist fueling his tractor with old French fry fat. But in a lab at the University of Connecticut, researchers are looking into commercial-scale biofuel manufacturing using cooking oil, switchgrass and–perhaps most intriguing–algae. The UConn team has received […]

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Supporters, foes of outdoor wood furnaces square off in hearing

The tension between use of local, low-cost energy sources and the health effects of breathing wood smoke played out for hours in a hearing room Wednesday, as the Environment Committee heard testimony from at least 68 people about a bill that would ban outdoor wood-burning furnaces everywhere but farms. About 3,000 of these furnaces are […]

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Environmental groups holding off on climate change legislation

Environmental lobbyists have decided not to push for a bill to prepare coastal and riverfront municipalities for climate change this session, saying cities and towns aren’t ready for a law until they learn more about what’s to come. “I think we anticipate doing that, but probably not this year,” said David Sutherland, director of government […]