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Lamont opposes the Killingly power project. So why doesn’t DEEP?

Gov. Ned Lamont has publicly stated his opposition to the Killingly Energy Center fracked-gas power plant construction sought by NTE, a Florida-based private equity firm.  The actions of this administration’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner, Katie Dykes, don’t match up with either the governor’s opposition to the plant or with his clean energy policy for Connecticut.

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Killingly power plant project an affront to Lamont’s energy policy

My town, Thompson, is a few miles north of the newly approved Killingly natural gas power plant referenced in a recent article you published.
Although the Town of Killingly has been promised about $5 million per year in tax revenue, Thompson will be the recipient of some portion of the 1,997,581-plus TONS per year of pollutants and toxic gases that will be released, per NTE Energy’s own technical report.