A rendering of the proposed Killingly Energy Center generation facility. NTE Energy

My town, Thompson, is a few miles north of the newly approved Killingly natural gas power plant referenced in a recent CTViewpoints article.

Although the Town of Killingly has been promised about $5 million per year in tax revenue, Thompson will be the recipient of some portion of the 1,997,581-plus TONS per year of pollutants and toxic gases that will be released, per NTE Energy’s own technical report.

This fossil-fuel plant is in direct conflict with Gov. Ned Lamont’s new clean, renewable energy initiative, making Connecticut the only New England state with plans for construction of a fossil fuel plant.

The Connecticut Siting Council’s flawed decision has been appealed by local residents, and there is vocal opposition that is now growing, with weekly protests at Killingly Commons where fact sheets are handed out to shoppers and others driving by on Saturday mornings.

Most of those who stop and take the hand-outs are horrified and surprised; they believed the plant had been defeated. Not yet.

If your readers wish to be part of stopping this new plant, they can call the governor’s office at 800 406-1257 or contact State D.E.E.P. Commissioner Katie Dykes at 860 424-3571 or katie.dykes@ct.gov to voice opposition.

A moratorium on fossil-fuel plant construction is in line with this administration’s clean energy policy. Also, required air quality testing at the Killingly site prior to construction and quarterly if the plant is constructed makes sense in view of the fact that this plant is sited on 70 acres of pristine woodland near Alexander’s Lake, within three miles of three schools, Owen Bell Park and a skilled nursing facility with a significant elderly population.

This is not just Killingly’s problem. All surrounding towns are affected, and our state energy policy becomes a farce in light of this blatant violation of common sense and love of our planet.

Please consider joining this fight against despoiling an economically disadvantaged town. The promised $110,000,000 will not be enough to pay for the lungs damaged by these pollutants.

Claudia Allen lives in Thompson.

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