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Best of 2019: Goodbye, Connecticut, and here’s some advice

After living for over nine years in the historic and beautiful Black Rock section of Bridgeport, my wife, Mary, and I are leaving the Constitution State. We are saddened to do so because we love our home, our neighborhood, our neighbors, and the state. However, like an increasing number of people, the time has come to cut our losses and move closer to family. In addition, it is not clear that current state and local leaders have the willingness and ability to make the tough choices needed to create a better future in Connecticut, especially in connection with unfunded retirement obligations.

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The state of the state? ‘Broken’

The state of the State of Connecticut is broken. Our state is in dire need of repair by a professional problem solver and not politicians. Dan Malloy’s only plan is to raise taxes and increase regulation. It’s no surprise that he didn’t talk about higher taxes today because it is unacceptable. For seven years Dan Malloy has raised taxes and increased regulation while jobs and businesses have left the state and the state’s deficit has skyrocketed.

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The clock is ticking on sensible state budget reform

I read with great interest Keith Phaneuf’s recent series on Connecticut’s serious budget challenges. He is clearly the best journalist on this subject in our state. Last month I watched Gov. Dannel Malloy’s budget speech from the floor of the State House. The governor’s budget has already resulted in significant discussion and debate. Three of his key and controversial proposals deserve comment. Connecticut has waited far too long to address them. It’s not a matter of if related changes will be made, it’s really a matter of when, how and by whom. The clock is ticking and time is not working in our favor.