The state of the State of Connecticut is broken.

Our state is in dire need of repair by a professional problem solver and not politicians.

Dan Malloy’s only plan is to raise taxes and increase regulation. It’s no surprise that he didn’t talk about higher taxes today because it is unacceptable. For seven years Malloy has raised taxes and increased regulation while jobs and businesses have left the state and the state’s deficit has skyrocketed.

His current plan of more of the same is simply unacceptable. We need a bold and credible plan to balance the budget, lower taxes, create jobs and make our economy boom.

Instead of more tax increases, we need to lower income and business taxes, cap property taxes and eliminate the Estate and Gift Tax.

As a professional problem solver, I know we can do it by reforming welfare and fixing Connecticut’s state employee pension and healthcare obligations.

The state’s budget mess can be fixed, but it will take a professional problem solver to do it. I’ve done it before, and I will do it again, here, in Connecticut.

David Walker is a Republican candidate for governor.

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