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UConn case renews debate on who should have to report abuse

DCF Commissioner Joette Katz (left), Rep. Diana Urban , House chairwoman of the Children's Committee (Right) The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp reported Robert Miller to the Department of Children and Families in February, a day after learning that police were investigating sexual abuse allegations that led to Miller’s dismissal as a camp volunteer […]

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After legislative fumble, governor to assert authority to pay day care centers

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Friday his legal staff has devised a “workaround” to correct a legislative oversight that could leave the state unable to pay providers of early childhood services, including day care. It was unclear if Republicans will object to the use of his executive authority. Political bickering on the last night of the legislative […]

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New questions follow an educator’s apology

Hartford — The head of the state’s higher-education system apologized Wednesday for the hefty raises he unilaterally awarded to top staff, but he immediately was confronted with new questions about six weeks he spent working remotely from a second home in Minnesota over the summer. Robert A. Kennedy, the president of the Board of Regents […]

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Supreme Court justice to head troubled child welfare agency

Governor-elect Dan Malloy today turned to Justice Joette Katz of the Connecticut Supreme Court to lead the Department of Children and Families, a troubled agency that has been under court supervision since 1991. Katz, 57, is giving up a seat on the state’s highest court to take over an agency that has frustrated efforts by […]