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Union vs. private sector in CT: Fact vs. fiction

This is an open letter to the author of Hartford Courant commentary Oct. 27 “I’m a State Employee – I’m Not The Problem.”
You are right that any one state employee is not the problem. No one snowflake feels responsible for the avalanche. But union folks live in a bubble. The realities are that your salary and health and pension benefits are outstanding, your “sacrifices” are non-existent, and you certainly are not part of the “bludgeoned middle class.”

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Connecticut’s budget problems are just getting started

Today’s state budget crisis is as structurally deep as the Grand Canyon. I have watched this closely since 1991. It is the result of financial negligence in every budget adopted over two decades. It is insane that our budget has increased 255 percent since 1991. And we haven’t even paid all our bills along the way. To have $65 billion in unfunded liabilities, an amazing three and a half times our annual budget, and an increase of outstanding bonded debt from $9 billion to $21 billion since 1991, is criminal in my mind. And believe me folks, this is just getting started.