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A Thanksgiving hope for children

November is National Adoption Month.  Amid the opioid epidemic, with the number of Connecticut children in foster care increasing past 4,300 (after having earlier dropped below 4,000)— and with the total number of children under the juvenile court’s jurisdiction due to abuse or neglect exceeding 10,000 per year— let’s consider ways to help these young people secure safe, permanent homes.

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An easy way to help: Give blood

“Emergency need for blood,” the ads proclaim. They have appeared widely on websites and social media recently, including across Connecticut.  The normal five-day supply is reportedly down to a couple of days. If your health and other circumstances allow, please consider helping to meet this need for volunteer blood donors.  Only three of 100 Americans currently give blood, indicating a great opportunity to increase the numbers—and the blood supply—accordingly.

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A Connecticut father reflects on reproductive choice

I had an abortion. Well, not exactly. But in supporting my then-girlfriend in her decision to end her pregnancy – using mifepristone and misoprostol, which make possible a “medical abortion” – I shared responsibility and the relief this option brought us. Men are free-riders, insulated from criticism of abortion. Men are also among the most vocal critics, denouncing women for controlling their own bodies. Yet men, too, benefit from choice – from women’s ability to decide whether to carry a pregnancy to term.

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Op-Ed: Interfaith efforts teach tolerance, both global and local

Conscientious people in Connecticut and elsewhere– from the Ahmadiyya to the Anti-Defamation League, from the Latino-Jewish Dialogue to the Jewish-Muslim Community Dialogue and the Interfaith Youth Core — are working to advance understanding and peace. Let’s join them, or launch our own such endeavors – individually and institutionally.

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History, civics and balancing ‘STEM’

September marked 50 years since the terrorist firebombing of a Birmingham church killed four girls. Summer saw the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. November marks 75 years since Kristallnacht and 50 since President Kennedy’s assassination; December, 100 years of the Federal Reserve. Studying history, we can recognize context, sharpen thinking and learn humility. We can inspire and caution young people. History can contribute to citizenship, to reading and writing skills.